Hair regrow laser helmet. 80d medical diodes. Treatment fast growth cap hair loss solution hair regrowth machine

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What`s the treatment efficiency :
1. Treatment Time:20 Minutes, twice  at each week.
2. Easy to use, only button to control the hair laser helmet on/off
3. 4-18 weeks of oil secretion improved,and hair loss will be back to normal level
4. 8-26 weeks,hair thicker,more comprehensive(full),more shiny(healthy)
5. 26-52 weeks.the hair comes into the full growth period,and hair volume increased significantly.

What`s the indications of the laser hair growth helmet?
1. Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, physical alopecia, chemical alopecia.
2. Female postpartum hair loss, female menopause alopecia, sub-health state of hair loss, head mites and head blood circulation poor.
3. Blocked hair follicles, hair roots of malnutrition,hair loss caused by overstrain nerves etc.
4. Hair regrowth
5. Hair Rejuvenation
6. Alopecia Areata

What`s the working principle of the MC-C1 hair growth helmet ?
A. Laser: Laser light therapy stimulates the red blood supply to the scalp. The additional supply of red blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients to the scalp,and promote the blood circulation, which may create a healthy environment for the hair to grow. Hair may appear thicker, fuller and healthier. The new improved design aligns the laser beam ensuring no hair cells are missed during treatment.

B. The MC-C1 has managed to cut the costs of clinical strength Laser Phototherapy  - cleared and affordable hair rejuvenation, and can be used home or public place.

C. Our MC-C1 adopts the 80pcs laser diodes , it`s optimized for the hair growth and can reach all problem areas. 678 nm laser penetration is 1cn to 3cm, IT COULD stimulate the scalp capillaries and nerves, improve blood circulation and hair quality.

Why we chose hair growth laser helmet, What`s the advantages of the MC-C1 hair growth helmet ?
1. It can be used any anywhere .
2. One key to control, ON/OFF.
3. Safety to usage, inside the helmet is 5000m Ah lithium battery. So during the usage, no need connect to the electric source.
4. Small size, easy to carry.
5. Compare with the laser hair comb .Release your hand, no need the hand held it.
6. Excellent treatment efficiency,  the max. Output reach 400mW.
7. Clean method does not dirty nor wet hair during use
8. It is quick and easy to wear a few times per week
9. Low level laser therapy , physical therapy , non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical, drug free.

How to use it?
Too simple .
A. Just press ON/OFF button.
B. Wear the helmet on the head.

What`s the technical parameter?
Laser diode: 80pcs
Number of terminal laser output: 678 nm±20nm
Rechargeable Battery capacity: 5000 mAh /4.5Hz
Per laser output: 5mw±20%
Default treatment time: 20mins
Horizontal beam divergence angle: Min:5°,  typical :9°, Max.: 12°
Vertical beam divergence angle: Min: 30°,  Typical:36° , Max.: 42°
Instrument power consumption: <1 W
Environment temperature: 5-40°C
Relative humidity: <80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106kpa

​Packaged Included:
1 x Hair Regrowth Helmet
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Charging Plug

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